Safe Overclock with stock AMD cooler

I was wondering what a safe overclock for a AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition with a stock cooler would be?
and if an after market cooler is absolutely necessary what cooler would fit in this case

Help would be greatly appreciated because this will be my first overclock and I don't want to push it to far.
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  1. Any thing that keeps the cpu below 61C, or whatever AMD is recommending as max cpu temp these days. This will vary on how well your cpu overclocks, a good chip will hold the same clock at lower voltage meaning lower heat out put. Your case airflow and ambient temps will also play a big role.
  2. Safe stock cooler overclock? 3.6GHz without a voltage increase if your CPU makes nice with you. Undervolt along with your overclock if you can. Watch your temperatures and don't let them go above 60*C on full prime95 load. I like mine to keep below 55*C, personally.
  3. OCing with stock coolers is generally NOT recommended. Both AMD and Intel typically spec stock HSFs to support the CPU at its stock operating settings, anything more is simply not recommended.

    An efficient and effective after-market HSF that is very popular is the Cooler Master Hyper 212+. It should fit in your case.
  4. ^Of course he will reduce his max overclock, but otherwise it makes no difference since he will not overclock past the point of too much heat. My Athlon IIx4 620 is very happy at 3.2GHz
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