What's the best 120gb/ 240gb SSD?

So, what's the best SSD that's either 120gb or 240gb guys? I was lioking at some corsair ssd's, sone ocz ssd's and the kingston hyper X 120gb. The SSD will be paired with a WD caviar black 1TB HDD.
Thx guys

Mobo: asrock z77 extreme 6
Ram: corsair vengeance 16gb 1600mhz
CPU: i7 3770k
GPU: asus gtx 670 directCUii (non top)
HDD: WD caviar black 1TB
Opd: asus DVD/rw 24x
Case: haf x nvidia edition
CPU cooler: corsair h100
Psu: corsair hx750
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  1. Samsung 840 followed by the Plextor M5 Pro.
  2. What sakkura said, the M5 Pro is followed by the Vertex 4
    For read performance m5p > vertex 4
    for write performance vertex 4 > m5p
    I haven't seen the results for the 840 but I've heard they're superb in every category.

    Check out these reviews:,3267.html,3252.html
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    concur with Curcial m4 and samsung 830 added. - Of the three, which ever is cheapest at time of purchase.

    While benchmarks will often show a difference in performance, In real Life there is not more than a nickels worth of Difference.

    Ignore Sequencial read/write performance as these are the LEAST important matrix for an OS + Program drive. To complicate this the 120/240 SF22xx favor benchmarks such as ATTO (a HDD Benchmark) that uses data that is readily compresable, again NOT real life. Bottom Line here is go for reliability/ LEAST user problems.
  4. Yeah I ranked them only based on performance. Price is going to be more important in most cases, because the difference between eg. a Samsung 840 and a Crucial m4 is significant in benchmarks but pretty marginal in real life.
  5. I really don't like the crucial m4. When put up against a Samsung 830 and a Plextor M5 it really shits the bed. I bought a 128gb Vertex 4 on sale for $90 the other day and I just saw it on another sale a few days later for $80 >_< Anyways, yeh you probably wont notice much of a difference in the real world but if for a few dollars more you can squeeze out more performance than why not? :),3252.html
    Oh yeh I found the Samsung 840 benchmarks:,3302-7.html
  6. I have 2 x 128 gig Samsung 830's and one 256 gig 830.
    Also have 2 x 128 gig M4's plus a 256 gig M4.
    You would be hard pushed to identify which machine has which.
    They are normally the same Sales priced and my choice when identically priced is 830s for desktop and m4s for Laptop. Plextor are a more recent SSD, but normally slightly higher in price.
    PS: have 7 other SSDs.

    Vertex V a good choice, except I will never buy from OCZ after the way they treated customers when SATA III (SF22xx) drives first came out.
  7. I would also consider the Intel 520s. It may not be as fast as the others but has a great warranty and expected reliability. As said before, most are very fast and it will be hard to notice the difference in real world terms. (I have a 120Gb 520s and a 1TB Caviar Black in my own build and have been extremely happy).
  8. Ok, by the sounds of it the Samsung looks the best :) I'll check it out
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