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I'm new to networking and a bit confused. I currently have Verizon FIOS TV/Internet and I need to use the supplied router by Verizon because of my TV. I recently purcahsed a DLINK 321 NAS server, but accessing, transferring files from computers connected wirelessly is extremely slow. The NAS is connected to my Actionec router.

I am using the server for mainly for pictures, home videos and would like to view them on my media PC connected to my LCD TV. I am told that to increase speed and transfers, etc, I should purchase a Wireless N router with gigabit switch built in. I would then connect the NAS to that and the router to the Actionec Verizon router. Right now pictures, videos, etc take forever to load, by doing this setup will I achieve faster speeds?

I plan on purchasing a Netgear WNR3500, and some Wireless N PCI cards for my PCs. Using a Gigabit switch means only wired connections right? Versus using a Wireless N router with a Gigabit switch would allow Gigabit speeds or close to wirelessly?

THanks for any assistance you can offer.
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  1. You can hookup a wireless N router and, in theory, get faster wireless. Generally speaking, all you need to do is turn off DNS on the N router and you should be good to go. You may also need to change the IP address of the router if, by default, it has the same ip as the actiontek. I think the actiontek uses

    I have a wireless N pci card (rosewill RNX-N300X) that I don't have any use for. I switched over to all wired. It cost me roughly $30 and it works well. I would be willing to part with it for much less. I live in Maryland. Email me at, if interested.

    You won't get gigabit speeds with N. it goes up to 300mbps, but in practice you'll get much lower. If you want to stream videos that are 480 or lower, a wireless N will probably do fine. If you plan on streaming 1080, you'll probably get a lot of stops. You'll likely need a wired connection for HD.
  2. Is the router built into the FIOS connections or is it a regular stand-alone router like you'd pick up at the store?

    I'm wondering why you *have* to use theres.
  3. I have their TV service as well, so I beleive they use their router to communicate with the DVR for programming such as remote recording, updates, etc.

    Thanks for the info!
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