HD 5830 not working with P5N-E SLI

I purchased a SAPPHIRE RADEON HD 5830 to use in my computer, but when I plug the card in, the mobo beeps for a long time, followed by three short beeps.

I've googled around and it appears that the problem is with the new gfx card.

I've taken that 5830 and installed it in a friend's computer, it works perfectly fine there. I've tried installing my friend's 5770 in my computer, and it works perfectly fine. I have a NVIDIA 9600 GT right now.

I've updated my BIOS to the latest version (1406), I've checked over 9000 times to ensure I'm seating everything properly, and everything is connected properly. I can't possibly think of anything that could be wrong. The card is fine, it works in my friend's computer, and my mobo can handle the 5770 just fine.

One difference between the two cards is that the 5830 takes 2 pins instead of just 1. Is it possible that this is a PSU problem?

The PSU itself provides 650 watts of power, so I doubt it's a problem with not having enough power. It's from a strange brand, though, enlight ENP-650AAB A is the brand/model...

Thanks for any help with this, guys!
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    I would not trust a Enlight PSU with that investment but I belief that the card pushed the PSU over its limit since it ran fine with the HD5770.
  2. After reading your case then i think rolli59 is right, your PSU is not providing enough power to your HD5830. Get a new quality PSU... :)
  3. 16A on the 12V line...I guess I do need a new PSU, lol.
  4. well go get one....
  5. Sigh, I got a Corsair 650 TX, it seems awesome, everything is hooked up and fine...

    Now I have gotten my CPU to boot with the gfx card, and I even got drivers installed, but now it's a bitch and a half to get my computer to turn on. BIOS sometimes won't POST, I'll get that annoying BEEEEEP beep beep beep (signalling a graphics card error of some sort) so many times. I unplug random *** from the back and continue to reboot until it eventually boots...

    So now what? This if the same card (5830) that worked perfectly fine through two reboots on my friends' computer. Is it possible this is just a bad mobo...? A bad mobo that will run fine with a 9600 GT and an HD 5770, but not with a 5830?
  6. check your video cards pci-e versions if they match to your mainboard
  7. How do I check the pci-e version? I google and nothing comes up.

    Is the pci-e version of an HD 5770 really different from a 5830? What are the chances that the mobo would support one and not the other?

    I'm on the verge of just buying a new mobo + pcu + memory. -_-
  8. Did you ever get this sorted NeoDestiny? I have a P5N-E SLI and trying to run a HD5830 as well to no avail. I have bought a new 900w PSU but still no luck.
  9. It was my power supply. I replaced it and everything worked fine after that. I had a 650w Enlight PSU, I think it came with the case, and I upgraded to a 650W Corsair and everything worked fine.
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  11. leeds_45 said:
    Did you ever get this sorted NeoDestiny? I have a P5N-E SLI and trying to run a HD5830 as well to no avail. I have bought a new 900w PSU but still no luck.

    there is a bios update for that motherboard to use new ati cards. how long did you wait? without the bios update it can be a couple of minutes before you get display.....maybe just put the card in and turn it on and wait. its a bios bug.
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