Is it normal for a Video Card to sound like a hard drive?

if its not terribly loud it should be fine. Also hard drives dont have fans?

Basically the card should be a bit louder then a case fan when at full load, maybe more with an MSI Hawk as there is 2 fans.
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  1. I just bought an MSI HAWK 5770 Video Card, and when I run 3D apps and games, after a few minutes, it starts to sound like a hard drive (fan noise). It's not terribly it supposed to make that noise, or should I RMA it?
  2. cards tend to heat up pretty the fan spins up to crazy levels to keep the card cool
  3. since it has 2 fans it shouldn't b making that much of noise...cos 2 fans are doin the job instead of lower rpm...and lower noise level... well this is wat i've heard from my frnds who own such kinda gfx cards.. so i think ur card is gettin too much heated up that both of them are goin to high rpm..make sure that there is enough airflow in the cabinet..
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