Hello,I am looking for a new graphics card xfx 9600gt but the PSU i have is 350w without a 6 pin pci express cable, what should i do buy a new psu or is 350w is enough with 6 pin pci express adapter that comes with the box. plzzzzzzz help
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  1. What make is your current psu?
  2. Atx
  3. Atx is the case size i want to know who made it or if you can post a picture
  4. If that's a generic PSU, then your best option is to replace it. If you cannot, then take a look at the HD5670 video card instead. It is a little more powerful than the 9600GT, yet uses less juice. If that's too pricey, the GDDR5 version of the HD5570 costs less than the HD5670 but is about as powerful as a 9600GT. It also does not need a PCIE power connection.
  5. obsidian86 said:
    Atx is the case size i want to know who made it or if you can post a picture

    My PC specifications :
    dual core E5400
    DG41RQ board lga 774
    G 41 chipset
    Atx 350w psu
    kingston 1gb ram ddr2

    Recently i find out on some specs written on my psu here they are:
    intex atx 2.03
    ac input : 220v 50 hz 5a
    dc output: +3.3v:20A+5v:25A+12v:13A-12v:0.5A=5vSB:2A
  6. replace it, it sounds generic

    antec eartwatts 380,430 watt neo eco 400 watts
    corsair cx400 watt
    ocz 400 watt

    all good units for your needs
  7. Maybe a little bit bigger then 400 watts, try 450 =p... it is a MAGICAL number =D
  8. Go for the CORSAIR CX400 which is about 50$, or 2.8K INR!
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