Boot_Device Led when installing Hard Drives

I am working on a computer build with the following specs:
Asus P8z77v-pro
Intel i5-3570k
Corsair Vengeance 1600 16gb
Corsair Hx850 Power Supply
Asus Dvd Burner

I had everything running smoothly.
I had configured my memory xmp, installed my Dvd Drive, but when I added a 1Tb Western Digital Caviar Black, the motherboard's Boot_Device Led came on and the computer kept restarting over and over again.
I'd see the splash screen and have a chance to enter the bios, then it would restart over and over until I cut off the power.
I took the hard drive out and placed it in the machine it was removed from and Windows 7 booted up no problem.
I tried a Seagate 300gb and a Western Digital 80gb with various Sata cables in different controllers / Sata ports and the same thing occued.
I tried another 80gb Western Digital and I could use this one without the Boot_Device Led coming on.

All Hard Drives were detected in the bios.
After the 80gb worked, I was hopeful that the board was fine. I also tried the Optical drive in the other controllers and it was detected there without the Led coming on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My last socket 1155 Rma was painful.
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  1. I actually even installed Windows 7 on the 300gb Seagate drive while the light was on by forcing it to boot to the cdrom then installing Windows 7 on the hard drive.
    It booted to the hard drive first time, but after turning the computer off and turning it back on, it just restarted over and over after passing post.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions?
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