Can't access old storage drive in new windows 7 install

Hi all,

Recently reinstalled Win7x64 on my Crucial M4 system drive. There is also a second hard drive a WD Caviar which was used as a storage drive. Since the fresh install I cannot access that drive. It shows up in disk management as Disk 0, but i can't assign it a drive letter. It shows as Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition). Any help is appreciated.

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  1. You should try a data recovery program like the freeware program Recuva.

    Was the drive previously the system OS drive? Did you leave it connected when you reinstalled to the M4?
  2. It was originally the system drive when prior to getting the M4. But that transition went smoothly, I've been running the m4 with the wd caviar as my storage drive for almost a yr now. I just formatted the m4 to reinstall windows and thats when the issues pop up.

    My mobo is a Biostar 790gx. The WD shows up in the Bios but my M4 doesn't. In fact sometimes I can't even boot up properly, the M4 isn't recognized and on bootup my system says there is no OS installed. Not sure whats going on.
  3. I would make a system repair disk (just type that into the start button run window and follow the wizard -- it only takes a blank CD). Then disconnect the HDD and start up with the SSD connected and the system repair disk in the DC/DVD drive. That will allow you to repair the SRP, which should occur automatically.

    It sounds like the SRP is probably on the HDD and is corrupt.
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