Runnin Crysis on EN9500GT 1GB

no it will not have any medium settings ..........well maybe textures
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  1. Hey I was just wondering what settings you guys think my computer would run Crysis at (probally low/medium :C)

    ( cpu) Intel ADOM 1.66 Ghz
    (alright ram) 1.5 Gigs ddr2 pc 4200 or something ram.
    (alright gpu) Asus EN9500 GT 1GB
  2. fault mainly being my CPU? Idk but i thought games just needed the juice from ur graphics cpu..
  3. ADOM~ATOM??

    For your specs, it seems impossible to play crysis smoothly even at lowest setting.
    Reduce your resolution to 800x600, maybe you could play it, with some lags...
  4. What about other games like running Company of Heroes, think I could run it on high? lol..

    Just I guess I'll need to invest some money in a new mobo, getting a new Processer. I got a pretty shitty socet on the current one I got.
  5. BumP:c
  6. Company of Heroes on High? I don't think so...

    You'll better save your money and build a new PC (CPU, RAM, PSU, GPU, Motherboard).
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  8. yeah figured as much lol. Thanks for all the help though guys. Ill save my money use the card as sli, get a new mobo +gpu+cpu+ram, but whats a PSU unit is that a physics card or
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