Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 with OCZ vertex 3 question

Hello, I have a quick question about my motherboard GA-x58A-UD5 which I bought 1 year ago (so its the first version of it that came out). I currently have the latest bios on. My CPU is i7 930 stock speed with good aftermarket cooler.

I want to buy an OCZ vertex 3 120GB to place windows 7 64bit, upgrading from 2x"caviar black 500gb" in sata2 raid 0.

I have heard there are issues with the controller for sata 3 on these first motherboards that came out supporting sata 3 and even that gigabyte released new editions of the motherboards that had this problem fixed.

So will I face any problem or will I see slower performance than expected because of this motherboard?

And one extra question: will a corsair dominator gt 6gb 2000mhz kit at stock speed (1333mhz? with 8-8-8 cas and T1) be better than corsair XMS3 6gb with XMP profile on at 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 T2 ? I am asking this since I bought the dominator gt some time ago for a good price to upgrade the older one I had, but the XMP for the dominator doesnt work on my pc and I dont feel confident enough to set the values manually.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Regarding the OCZ Vertex 3 and Marvell 912X, the 912X is limited to x1 PCIe lane so the maximum speeds I've seen on them are 360~410 MB/s Read and 260~300 MB/s Write. The 'newer' ASUS R3EB and Gigabyte G1 series use the Marvell 9182 which uses x2 PCIe lanes. The solution is either a new MOBO or an LSI SATA3 Card.

    The default X58/LGA 1366 RAM Frequency is 1066 MHz. To utilize 2000 MHz RAM you really need to increase the BCLK > 160 MHz. Gigabyte has know problems using XMP, so simply set the Memory multiplier, CAS Timings, and DRAM Voltage. Setting the RAM is simple, setting 2000 MHz without OC the BCLK isn't so simple.

    However, if you want all the settings and are willing to risk a post failure or BSOD or two then I can walk you through the 2000 MHz, I need a link to your current GT's; I assume they're CMT6GX3M3A2000C8

    It's not a good idea to Mix-Match your RAM, so if you have Dominator GT's --- get more.

    BCLK 133.3_ MHz * Memory Multiplier 12 = 1600 MHz
    BCLK 160.00 MHz * Memory Multiplier 10 = 1600 MHz
  2. Thank you for the fast answer.

    Seems you are confirming the issues are with my mobo so I will get a new one... probably at the end of the summer, possibly with a new cpu too.

    Thanks alot!
  3. Hold-off until the LGA 2011 or maybe the, yuck, the LGA 1356. I'm waiting for the LGA 2011: Quad Channel, 32 lanes of PCIe 3.0, 6 & 8 core SB-E.
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