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Hey guys. Any idea how I can increase the size of my os partition? I have the System Reserved partition, OS partition, Documents Partition, then some Unallocated space. When I try to increase the size of the OS partition it is grayed out. Any idea without reformatting?
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  1. With partition magic or nearly any other partition manager you should be able to move the document partition to the end an free up space behind the os partition. But backup your data first!
  2. If there are partitions between the OS and free space, you will need to use a third party partitioning program like partition magic or acronis disk director.

    You could always copy everything from your documents partition to the OS, delete the partition, extend the OS to your desired size, then create a new documents partition.
  3. thanks. can I get the best link to this partition magic?
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    Do not think partition magic is free, here is an alternative.
  5. RetiredChief said:
    Do not think partition magic is free, here is an alternative.

    Thanks. I downloaded it and installed, but have no idea what my next step is?
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  7. Nevermind, I got it.
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