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Some games change which monitor is main display?

I just got together a dual monitor setup. One is a large HDTV with 1920x1080 resolution set, the other is a small CRT monitor at 1024x768 resolution. The HDTV is set as my primary display, but when I try to open up certain video games, such as WoW or TF2, the game will show up on the HDTV, but the main display is changed back to the CRT monitor. Any reasons why this happens or solutions to it?
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  1. Try installing the drivers of both monitors and not use the windows default driver.
  2. Hmm, can't believe I never thought of that. Unfortunately there isn't a driver for the TV other than the default windows driver, and so far I can't find one for my old viewsonic monitor.


    (Also, thanks for the answer anyway)
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    It depends on which DVI port your display is connected.

    The OS / Driver and new games work with the Primary display assigned by software through display properties. It works all the time.

    Old games still recognize the first video port as primary display. It thus create conflicts.

    In my dual display setups and the first DVI port is connected to HDTV. The lower DVI port is connected to the LCD monitor. My setting as primary display is the LCD monitor which is connected on the 2nd or Lower DVI port.

    If you prefer your HDTV to be your primary display it is best to connect it to the 1st DVI port. Which is by hardware default is the primary display unless overidden by software setup through display properties.

    Try it
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