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So hello there,i am about to buy a new pc and i am currently choosing my monitor.I would like to ask you guys how many inches would be ideal for cs,wow or gaming in general.In my local store,there are monitors with 2 ms response rate and they are an alienware optx aw2210(21.5 inches),an LG(27 inches) and a couple more with 23 inches size.I really like the alienware and i am between that and the LG.Is 27 inches too big?Is 21.5 inches small?They are both full HD,but i read somewhere that the smaller the monitor the faster the game will run.My pc will be a good one so i dont know if this applies to older systems.I know i can get a better monitor with less money than the alienware but there is a discount for it in my local store :P.Thank you !
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  1. get a monitor that is at least 1920x1080. 21.5 inches is a fine size (i have three that size and have no issues).
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