24 inch monitor, video card for it...

Alright here is my issue.

I am going to be building a computer in August (gotta love 1k for a computer via financial aid)...

so my question is...

I want a 24 inch monitor (decided this against two 21.5 monitors), what video card do I need?

Also what monitor would be suggested (about 240 and under for monitors)

I enjoy playing plenty of older games (WoW, HL/HL2) which I know I can use any video card I want.

However, I would love to get into some newer games, and would like to keep the same video card (or two if I can purchase a second in the coming years cheaper) for about 5 years.

Bottom line, need a 24inch monitor, and a video card to run the newest games (1 now 2 in the future hopefully)

Thanks guys
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  1. The HD 5830 or HD 5850 would be your best choices.
  2. I think a single HD 5850 should last you about 3 years if you can live with using medium graphics quality for future games.

    On the plus side, if you wanna play Crysis 2, it will have lower requirements than the original game.
  3. Another vote for HD5850... :)
  4. +5 for HD5850
  5. So the 5770 just won't give me what I need then I take it.

    I hope the 5850 will come down just a little bit then before August!

    And I need a way to pick 5 answers as the best..
  6. The HD 5770 is good now, but 3 years from now it will be struggling.

    HD 5850 might come down in price when the series is refreshed. Rumors are refresh will take place this summer.
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