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I dropped my Toshiba external hard drive. Now, it just buzzes and is not recognized by my PC. Any suggestions???
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  1. It sounds like a stiction fault (heads stuck to platters), or a seized spindle motor.

    If professional data recovery is not an option for you, then a little "percussive maintenance" may kickstart your drive. But there are risks ...
  2. Thank you! Who would you recommend for "professional data recovery"?
  3. If it's a stiction fault, all that most professionals appear to do is to use a non-magnetic screwdriver to turn the platters in their normal direction of motion while using the other hand to slowly but firmly push the head stack onto the loading ramp in one smooth, continuous motion. They then examine the heads for damage, and if OK, they spin up the drive. The going rate appears to be US$650. Knowing that, I can't in all conscience recommend anyone to take so much of your money for so little effort.
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