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Yesterday I was randomly noticing my computer would be freezing (all my programs) to the point where I can't do anything but restart. When it froze, there was like purple and yellow squares kind of almost like if you put in a bad Nintendo cartridge in a Nintendo and turned it on.

After the second restart, it went away. I went back to my normal browsing but then decided to check my temps to see if that was a problem. My hard drive was jumping from 48-57 degrees Celsius. My CPU was about 30 degrees Celsius and my core temp was 15 degrees Celsius. But I still wasn't getting any problem since those two freezes which happened about 30 minutes before checking my temps.

Anyways, at about 3:30am I shut down my desktop. I went to go on it just a few minutes ago and nothin was showing on the screen. I replaced the VGA cable, and that wasn't it. The LED light on the motherboard is green when powered on, and pretty much everything is running including all fans, except no display. I don't get any beeps or anything like that. My back USB ports are powered because my USB hub and external hard drive are fully on.

I used the troubleshooting method that was suggested to someone on here already and didn't fix anything. I didn't test it with one RAM module only, but wouldn't I get a beep if my RAM was bad and same with the CPU?

My motherboard is an ASUS M5A88-M. My CPU is an AMD Athlon II x220 dual core. And the thermal paste I just recently applied last week was the Arctic MX4. Also, I have on board graphics, no card.

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  1. Hello,

    Just want to review a couple points. Do you have a beep code MB speaker connected to the front I/O port all the time? So normally you hear a single beep when your computer boots up? Or if not, do you have one you can connect?

    Normally at the completion of a good POST, you will get a single "all good" beep. There are characteristic beep codes for a problem with hardware, like the video, or RAM. If you don't get any beeps, it means a problem with the MB or CPU.

    Also fill us in with the reapplication of thermal paste and occupation with temperatures - did you have problems with CPU overheating or some other recent problem, do make that change?
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I am actually now unsure if there was any beeps at the time, since I had my headphones plugged in. Not sure if that matters? But I didn't hear anything in general, if that doesn't matter (like if it wouldn't sound through the headphones, I didn't hear anything in general outside of the headphones). Even so when I had my headphones unplugged (way before this problem), I never heard any beeps upon start up (even when I first bought my stock computer).

    As far as the reapplication, my CPU was not overheating (at least that I'm aware of). I only added new thermal paste because when I did a motherboard swap a couple of weeks ago, I used the CPU from my previous build so I needed to reapply thermal paste. And for the motherboard swap, I'm doing a custom build. I bought a refurbished computer off of Newegg, and slowly upgrading parts.

    However, like I said in my OP, I noticed my hard drive temperatures increasing and dropped weirdly. Right this second, with Google Chrome, Speed Fan, and MSN Messenger open, these are my temperatures.

    Again, like I said in my OP, yesterday I was noticing odd freezing and purple/yellow squares kind of on my screen and then had to restart. As if you were putting a bad Nintendo cartridge in your Nintendo and turning it on. Once I restarted for the second time, it worked perfectly.

    But now for some reason all I did was just take off my side panel and wiggle around some cords to make sure everything was plugged in fully, and it's back on. I'm also using my new VGA cable.

    EDIT: About 5 minutes after this post I looked at Speed Fan and it jumped to 45 degree celcius.
  3. since this is a desktop in speed fan i dont see the -12 Volt the Vbat and the gpu Vddc or any other vcore voltages and why your pwm 1-2-3 have not the same readings on both side and what you got as reading when you press the exotics button and show the magic
  4. scout_03 said:
    since this is a desktop in speed fan i dont see the -12 Volt the Vbat and the gpu Vddc or any other vcore voltages and why your pwm 1-2-3 have not the same readings on both side and what you got as reading when you press the exotics button and show the magic

    I'm confused about what you just said?

    Also when I shut it down and just got back from out of town, it's doing it again where it won't display anything.

    EDIT: It might have been the boot order. I was able to get it to work after I reset my BIOS and then I went into the BIOS and the boot order was set for it to boot from "Remov. Device" which is clearly a removable device. We'll see what happens after that. I got it back running to lets hope it doesn't do this again.
  5. That makes more sense. Since you have a "new" motherboard, there are a lot of possibilities that could go wrong, even a pin not making good contact in the CPU socket. Possibly there's a loose contact in either the 24 pin power connector or the 4/8 pin CPU accessory power connector. Sounds like possibly a loose contact if you can jiggle the PSU wires around and it then works.

    Would strongly urge you to get a small 2" beep code speaker and place it on the speaker terminals of the fron I/O connector, at least temporarily. Before you see anything on the monior, it will give you a characteristic beep relating to the bad component. If you get NO beeps, then there may be a problem with the new MB or the CPU or CPU contacts. Possibly you have one on an older desktop, or if you have good ears, a 1/2" plug on pizzo electric speaker can work. Here are images of what may help. When you don't have video, it's pretty hard to know what's wrong without the telltale beeps.

  6. what are your readings now in speedfan and does the system boot correctly
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