Monitor no video signal (random)

Here my comp
Mb: Asus Rampage 2 gene - Republic of Gamers
Cpu: i7 920 2,6 ghz
Video card: Asus EAH 5970
ram: 6 giga(3 block of 2 giga) kingstom ddr3 1660 mghz

I ordered from an online store this pieces of comp and they built it for me (hardware parts) , after i come home i installed window 7 64 bit , motherboard, video card driver.. the usual stuff, i am not a super expert, but i know how to install drivers and make a computer working......
This happened 2 days ago. At the start everything seems fine, probo 2, tuneup, smart doctor, norton antivirus all say everything is fine and temperatures are under the alarm level. But after 1 day suddenly started the problem, monitor just turn off, say no video signal, and i cant do anything about it, beside reboot, at the start the problem was happen rarely, once when starting window 7 or after 3-4 hours using comp, but now take me like 2-3 times just for boot to window7 and even when i enter happen again every 2-3 minutes i am on the desktop, make basically impossible to do anything.

few things i did was:

- put sleep mode for both computer and monitor to "never"
- reinstall window 7, nothing, monitor lost signal once, even during the few restart computer does for finish window 7 installation O_O
- run antivirus, tune up, smart doctor, every program could help me find a problem, nothing computer seems perfectly fine, no conflict, all drivers installed, "k" temperatures.

Things i cant do, open case (i will lose warranty), so i cant check motherboard, ram or the grafic card.

i dunno if can be usefull for help, but i am using a TV as monitor, and i connect it with an HDMI cable with an adaptor for connect it to the video card (both the one on my new comp and the one on the old comp (old one is a gf 9800) do not have HDMI connector)

Thats all if someone can help me would be really fine!
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  1. it sounds like a driver error for the hdmi output

    if you want, you could get a DVI to HDMI output ( and see if that helps any.
  2. i will try it.. another thing i noticed.. is the card on the new computer eah 5970 is very very very hot, i dont think should be so hot when starting computer.. or not? i mean i turned on new computer.. i could not even reach window becouse my monitor lose signal, i tried it 2 times, i dunno maybe 3 minutes? i turned off the comp i touched the back of the comp where is the grafic card and was super hot. is normal?

    for comparison atm i am touching the back of my gf 9800 after play a 3d game for like 1 hour and is cold -.-

    how is even possible? is maybe broken the asus 5970? or is normal to be so hot after just 3 minutes the comp is turned on and didnt even booted to window ?
  3. it shouldn't be very hot, no. it should be about the same temp as the 9800.
    if you can, try leaving the cover off and make sure nothing is in the way of the fan, because this could be caused by overheating as well.
    do you have any temp monitering software? if you could post the temps that would be helpful
  4. I cant leave the cover off (i would like too, but will lose warranty), about temperatures, i would like use one. but monitor lose signal, when boot to window (make boot fail) or 2-3 minutes after i enter window 7 (in case i get lucky), so i cant download or install any driver -.-

    I can enter in bios and see temperatures, i see cpu, motherboard and something called NB temperatue, i dunnow what this NB mean, but i dont think is video card, all the temperatures i see on bios seems pretty decent all 3x.
  5. at this point, the real question is do you have anything on the computer that's worth recovering?

    if you do, try booting in safe mode and see if you can back your system up on a flash drive or hard drive, and send it in to be repaird. if you can't get at the components, use that warrenty. that's all i can realy say at this point.
  6. I am having a similar issue, the way I have had to handle it until I find a better solution is to put in my Windows 7 DVD and do nothing... With any other CD/DVD in the drive the video will not come back on but once the windows DVD is in it reboots video and all just fine. Strange... I am running an Asus M4A79XTD EVO, with a Phenom II X4 965 Quad Core, 4 GB Kingston Hyper X, Asus GTX 560 Ti video, all in a water cooled Thermaltake Armor Case run by a OCZ 1000W PSU.

    Oh and NB temp is your North Bridge chip set. I will keep trouble shooting and if I find something I will reply again.
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