Please help me with CPU fan speed of DH55TC..

Hello to all,

My System Configuration is,

Core i3 530
500 GB HDD

The CPU fan speed is always between 975-1010 rpm. I never seen rpm above 1015(mostly under 1000).. But the Processor temperature is between 40 to 60... Even when the Processor temperature is 55, 60 or above.. the CPU fan still running in 1000 to 1012 rpm. My room temperature is not hot! CPU case have 1 back fan and another 1 in side door.. I dont know about the fan connector things in motherboard.. I should do something in BIOS setup?

How to increase CPU fan speed in BIOS setup of DH55TC?

There is no option for changing fan speed in BIOS?

CPU fan is always running in some speed.. I think it is not running according to Processor temperature!

I installed Intel Desktop Utilities, but nothing monitored. I think the fan is running too slow

Please help me in this!! What should I do?
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  1. IF you don't have any smartfan settings in the hardware monitor section of the bios, I would leave it alone. Your temps are normal. I prefer a quiet fan. IF you are using a geniune Intel heatsink with 4 pin connector, it will adjust the fan speed as required. I've run mine at the low speed when my room temp was 90f this last summer, and my system is very stable.
  2. Posting so someone like me (looking for a solution) will find something.

    For some reason, the DH55HC/TC fan control is very lazy (compared to say a D946GZis).

    In a hot day, heavy CPU load (video rendering) the CPU (and specially the voltage regulator with all these chemical capacitors) reach 65C and the fan DOESN'T change speed!

    I've managed to double the fan speed of an i3 cooler and there was a 5~7C decrease of both CPU and VR temp.

    I feel that for heavy processor usage a cooler with a bigger fan is needed. For light usage, Intel's one is OK.
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