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I have a new build, and I am using the Asus BluRay driver for my optical drive. I'm loading Windows, which stopped during the loading process and said it couldn't recognize the driver. I went to the Asus website and the drivers weren't available to download, because supposedly Windows 7 should recognize it automatically. Kind of stuck here; it doesn't seem like the burner should be broken, because the Windows 7 install disc was working until that point...
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  1. Rather a half-hearted fix I know, but how about removing the BD drive & installing a cheap, basic DVD drive in it's place just to get Windows 7 installed.

    Then, when Windows is up and running okay, power off, put the BD drive back and see what Windows does with it.
    You'll also be able to use Windows Update if necessary, which will download new Windows drivers as required if available.
  2. What I ended up doing for this is contacting Microsoft, getting a digital download, putting that on a USB key and installing windows that way. Afterwards, windows could detect my optical drive.

    Thank you for your suggestion as well.
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