Motherboard dead?

I have a P6X58D-E asus motherboard, 1366. I took out my graphics card to clean it from dust, put it back in, and now my whole computer doesn't work. The red power light stays on, like it always does when the motherboard is getting power, but it doesn't start. The power supply isn't dead, neither is the GPU which is a 5870 1gb. I tested the powersupply in another computer, which is a corsair tx650 650 watt PSU, and it worked fine in the other in the other computer, but when its plugged into the dead one, it doesn't work. I tested the 5870 also, and it works.

I've tested it everyway i could. Plugging in the psu straight to the motherboard via 24 pin and 4/8 pin, plugged everything up including harddrives, and drives, and fans, and it still doesn't work, yet the power LED is red, like it should when its off. I won't turn on via case button, nor button on motherboard. Nothing happens..

Well, tell me what you guys think. I've had the motherboard for a little over a year. I think since April of 2010, along with the i7 930, and psu I got with it.

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  1. Do you work on your build in a static safe environment, or have you had any issues with static damage on any of your components in the past?
  2. No, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be the problem.

    The motherboard is getting power though, the internal on button is steady red.
    Cmos is not on, which is wasn't before so I didn't worry about that
    I don't get any beeps or warning sounds from the internal speaker, i searched around and it said it didn't have one or something, yet theres a spot on the motherboard that says "Buzzer" with a positive and negative sign, and a speaker logo, what is that?

    Nothing powers up, no post, no PSU fan moving, nothing except the red LED on the onbutton.
  3. Hi,,,
    Pls first check your "SMPS"
    then your power supply cables and then your cabinet power on/off button cables inserted properly...

    Did you tried without your Graphic card...

    Murali Manokar
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