Crucial m4 firmware 010G

Seems I’m lucky. The new firmware updated on a UEFI based system and performance is slightly better overall, although a little less in some areas. Most of the posts over at Crucial seem to reporting slower performance.

F/W enhancements are listed as:

Release Date: 09/25/2012
Version 010G includes the following changes:
• Improved Trim response time
• Improved power-on-to-ready time (known as POR, or TTR for Time-to-ready)
• Improved resume-time from low power modes, and improved reliability of warm reboot
• Improved power consumption by disabling HIPM (Host Initiated Power Management)

Iometer results. 8 GiB Span, Logical Drive, One Worker

The M5S review picked up that TRIM response times were extended. As a comparison using the new firmware the 178.5 GiB file deletion is a lot quicker, although still a lot longer than the Plextor M5Pro or Samsung 830. The response time for the 27.5 GiB file deletion has actually gone up.

Delete 178.5 GiB File
• F/W 000F = 802.74 ms
• F/W = 309.30 ms

Delete 27.5 GiB File
• F/W 000F = 13.32 ms
• F/W = 32.56 ms
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  1. You were indeed lucky.

    From the long forums developing over at Crucial many were not. I would NOT recommend that anyone try the update with a UEFI bios until the revised tool is released next month.
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