Fastest video card today

whats the fastest video card today,and what would it cost in canadain dollars?
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  1. err, your link is not working, it only bring us to the homepage of newegg canada... :)
  2. It goes to the link for the HD5970, at a $1,119
    here's another link
  3. Oh :/ works fine for me, anyway its a SAPPHIRE 100280-4GSR Radeon HD 5970 priced at the bargin price of $1.119.99 canadian
  4. Links die after a short period of time its seems.

    Both links are dead now.
  5. You can get the watercooled version of a normal 5970 for around 800CAD and get a full water cooling loop for 300CAD and then outclock that card on newegg though it won't have 4GB of memory, but you won't need 4GB of memory if you only have a single monitor.
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