700$~ish gaming build

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: today if i can make my mind up, lol.

BUDGET RANGE: around 750$, but if there is a considerable upgrade for a bit more i wouldnt mind.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming/web surfing/general use

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS, power supply (only have 500w right now, but ill upgrade it later)



PARTS PREFERENCES: doesnt matter


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: yes, but later.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: not really sure, never bothered to check. wont be getting a new monitor at the moment, but once i get more cash coming in i will. currently have a monitor from an old dell inspiron 530 (i think thats it anyways)


okay this is what i have so far:

xclio a380 case=80$. i really like this case, i doubt i will change my mind on it so please consider that when helping.

dvd burner=24$

1 tb hdd=75$

cpu+mobo combo=270$, phenom 955 x4 and BIOSTAR TA890FXE. i was second guessing this though, i read a review where someone said that the biostar mobo only has 2 fan connectors, does this mean i couldnt use the third fan in my case at all? and i plan on upgrading to crossfire 5830's later on and this board has pretty close together slots so that may be a problem too.

ram+gpu=280$. gigabyte 5830 gpu, most i wanted to pay for graphics with the ability to crossfire it later. the ram i just found with the package deal, but seemed fine.

Grand Total: $758.57

sorry for such a long post, thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. any help?
  2. that motherboard is pretty nice, you could downgrade a tad
    The slots are always close together, meaning a normal high grade gpu (with dual wide) will cover up a slot. And yes you can have more fans, just get a fan controller or hook the fans directly up to the psu. Depending on what Brand psu, you should consider upgrading that as well.
  3. i think the case has a fan controller built in, thanks for reminding me.

    as for the mobo, what would you reccomend? i would like to be able to upgrade in the future, and i knew the 5830 would cover a slot, i mean they are CLOSE. if i put 2 in they will be practically touching.(a lot of people mentioned this as a con on newegg)

    and also, if not the 5830 what gpu should i buy? i want to purchase one now, with the hopes of getting more money to be able to crossfire/sli later, but still have good gaming power for less than 200$ (for one).

    i have this psu right now, if possible i would like to not upgrade it for now, ill do it later once i get more money and the same time im upgrading my monitor/gpu for more possible combo deals.
  4. any other input? id really like to order this tonight.
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    Actually I take back what I said, that motherboard is a good deal, it's an 890fx chipset (which I thought would be a lot) but it's a pretty good price and will allow maximum expendibility. As for the close slots, thats what you get from a lower quality brand, it shouldn't be to much of a problem.

    That PSU is OK, i wouldn't push it to much.

    I would reccomend the GTX 460 instead of the 5830, because it's slightly better (for some things). But to sli it you would want a 980a chipset board or go the intel route. If you havn't already ordered this might help.

    Sorry it's late but I had to leave earlier
  6. its alright, i already ordered. i changed to a lower graphics card+ram combo (saphire 5770+ocz black edition ram) and im pretty happy with the price (i spent less than 1$ over 1000, but that was including one of the new xbox 360 250 gigs in my price which was 300$.)

    im not a graphics freak so the 5770 should be good for my purposes for now and ill be able to x-fire it later, or just upgrade to a 5870 and with the combo deal ill be getting better ram+ about 50$ cheaper.

    i dont plan on pushing the psu, i wont over clock with it or anything like that and by the time i crossfire ill buy a better one that can handle crossfire+oc'ing.

    i thought about going the gtx route, but i really didnt want to go intel and im not really a nitpicker on graphics so as long as its going to run the games, i dont mind playing on lower resolution/detail or at a slightly lower speed.

    thanks for the help!
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