Restarting pc causes hard drive not to be found.

as tittle says, when i restart it it does not detect my harddrive anymore.
When i switch sata cables with my SSD and then boot it up again it works perfectly (no its not the fault of one of my cables) also should say i just got it and its a 3TB seagate drive.
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  1. Can you see the drive in BIOS? Has the drive ever worked? What changes have you made to your pc, recently?
  2. yep i can see it fine in the bios, i arrived today, it dident work when i first plugged it in but then i did when i switched cables, now i switched cables and my pc wont find it, BIOS can see it however, and yes i have used it already today,
  3. cant find it in my BIOS now..
  4. have you been able to format the drive? Can you plug the drive cable into a different SATA port?
  5. yes i have been able to format it, ill try to plug it into a different sata port now
  6. so i have been trying to fix it and i have come to the conclusion:
    when my SSD is NOT plugged in, it my bios detects my harddrive.
    when my SSD IS plugged, it does not detect it anymore.. im really clueless on what to do at this point.
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