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I have this mobo - and I am running gtx 460's SLi, my question is, the PCI-E x16 slots are being used by the video cards obviously but I would like to buy a sound card but the video cards cover up my PCI port at the bottom, so the 2 remaining PCI-e x1 slots, are they still open to use or are they connected to the pci-e x16 cards? I have never used the pci-e x1 slots before and would like to buy but don't want to buy it to find out the pci-e ports are connected in some way and the sli disabled the px-1 slots. I know I am noob lol but I would rather ask then be a noob that wasted money.
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    The GPU reserved 16 lanes (x16/0 or x8/x8) are separate from the two X1 lanes so you will be fine using a X1 add in card,1,509-msi-nf750-g55-motherboard-review.html
  2. Sweet, ty sir!
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