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This week I will be purchasing a 120gb SSD with a 2TB HDD for my new and first build. Based on what I've read you only have the SSD plugged in and install the OS with AHCI enabled. Then install whatever else you want(a couple programs I use everyday and every minute) on it, then finally connect the HDD. I also read that you have to drag the "My Documents" folder onto the HDD from the SSD? Someone help, I'm really confused how to set up this SSD and HDD thing. :??:

In case it's not clear enough, how do you configure a SSD as boot drive with 2 or 3 programs and the HDD for mass storage?
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    You simply dictate where to install the program, there's no configuration needed
  2. To answer your "My Documents" question, here. NOTE:You must go on your 2TB drive and establish your own file system. I like mine to be D: and then 2 folders labelled "Programs" and "files". Inside of "files" or wherever you decide to put them, you need to create a new folder for Pictures, Videos, Documents, ETC. Make those FIRST! Once those are made you go to Start->My Documents and then that will open a window (obviously :P) but on that window, there is a left column with a list of "pictures,videos,documents,downloads" etc. You right click one of those and hit properties. A smaller window will appear under the tab "library". Under a list of previously included locations (which you will want to DELETE) there is a button labelled "Include a folder..." then you have to browse for a folder. As an example: right click Pictures. Press properties. Delete the library locations. Click include a folder. Browse to your 2tb drive and find the Picture folder that YOU made. Apply and press ok and now that folder is your pictures destination. This is also VERY important to do for downloads because people often keep their download folder full, which will take up space so you want it to be on your larger drive. Hope this helps and isn't too confusing :)
  3. You simply dictate where to install the program, there's no configuration needed

    Plus 1 ^
  4. Those were pretty quick answers, now onto the My Documents thing, is all that really necessary? Do most people do that?
  5. I have never used "My Documents". And before SSD's existed, I partitioned all my drives, separating OS / Swap and temp files / programs / data. Just do what you wanna do and install programs where ya want, place documents where ya want.
  6. Using My Documents is giving Windows control of your... Take control and don't use My Documents
  7. Okay thanks for all the help guys.
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  9. I wrote so much, only for it to be disregarded. I may have to cry :P
  10. I was going to pick it but i guess i was more focused on the other part sorry =(
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