Drive about to go BOOM ???

I just turned on my PC and got 3 beeps, SMART says HD XXX is about to fail, please back up your data and what not. Started W7 normally and run Crystaldisk and WD Data Lifeguard Diags (being this a WD drive) and both tools said the drive was ok, run further test and nono of them seem to find any problems. :o So... WTH is going on? will my HD fail or is it the BIOS just acting up?

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  1. Could we see CrystalDiskInfo's SMART report?
  2. If your hard drive is OK then this behavior of a false SMART report at start up can be caused by a faulty memory module. Try running memtest86 for at least three passes.

    But first lets see the CrystalDiskInfo's SMART report.
  3. CrystalDisk report coming after I get home from work... Yeah, working Sundays suck
  4. Here it is...

  5. Everything looks OK to me. None of the attributes are anywhere near their thresholds.
  6. in the wd dld did you run the short test or just look at the smart status
  7. Ran the short test... Passed
  8. Looks like you maybe having memory problems, run memtest86.
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