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Which is the best choice for a case that will allow a Noctua NH-D14 cooler assembly to be used, I didnt realize just how big it was?
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  1. Cooler Master HAF X
  2. It will also fit in a HAF 922
  3. Price range. It would go in a Antec 300 I would say. If you dont need a side fan (which the back, top and 2 front provide enough air flow anyway) then it should fit, Its 160mm and the case measures 205mm wide.
  4. any decent mid tower or full tower should fit it. case choice comes down to preference more than anything.

    i gotta say though, that right now i'm falling in love with that new HAF X...
  5. As a point of reference, I've got the HAF 932 with a Scythe Mugen 2 (158mm tall) heatsink and it fits with about an inch or so left between the top of it and the side panel. The Noctua is also 1588mm tall so it will fit into the CoolerMaster HAF series without issue, or any case that is at least 8.5 to 9 inches wide.
  6. "Future-proof" it and get the HAF X, lol. if you have the funds
  7. Looked at the Antec 300 for $50.00 and the HAF X for $180.00 Both look nice. What does the extra $130.00 buy me? I am running an I7-875k and a GTX 460 1Gb. With that in mind, is one better suited ?
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    the HAF x is basically HAFs attempt at the 'perfect case'. you pay for it though.

    tool-less, excellent cable management, motherboard tray, amazing airflow. but its only worth the price tag if you WANT to spend the money on it.

    otherwise grab a 300.
  9. I think I agree with your advise as all I see is a lot of bling for a lot of extra bucks. The bottom mounted PSU is a new one to me and I was curious if there were any issues to be aware of.
  10. bottom mounted PSUs are a standard in high-end cases. they are better for cable management, and mroe importantly draw in cool air from outside of the case, instead of warm internal air.

    but its certainly not a needed feature, just a nice extra. the 300 should suit your needs fine.
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    when the hell did guitars enter into this?

    you best be trollin'.
  13. I read, "I have all wooden cases." went wtf? then read the rest and lol'd coworkers gave me some funny looks
  14. oh, I support the HAF X too btw
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