OK, first things first, my specs are:
i7 860 OC 3.8GHz
DP55KG Extreme Intel Motherboard (Only 1 PCIE 2.0 16X)
2 GTX 470 OC in SLI
4GB 2Channel 1333MHz Corsair RAM
Corsair H50 Cooler
PSU: 850TX Corsair

Im having issues with my framerates, for example, in Crysis maxed out in full HD 1900x1200 with antialising in ZERO, I get 25FPS, also in Metro 2033 I still have a bunch of stuttering during gameplay, at first i though it might be a bottlenck but I overclocked it to 3.8GHz (not sure if stable: 200 bus speed 19x, Core Voltage 1,35 - Uncore voltage 1.31 Temps Loaded up to 70). Im not sure if the CPU is good enough to handle theses in SLI or if the motherboard is faulted since Im going SLI in 8x and 8x ports, but in that case, is it really that mucha difference, I reasearched I found that 8x-8x is at most a 3% slwer than 16x-16x, what can I do?
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  1. Quote:
    Dual X8 is the limit for P55s and it shouldent be much of a performance hit.
    The CPU is fine also. 3.8Ghz i7 shouldn't bottleneck anything.

    Did you reinstall drivers and clean out the ones for your old card? Or is this a clean build?

    Also is SLI enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel?

    This is a clean build, at first I had one gtx470 but then I got another one and installed it with the drivers a week later, should I scrape everything and start from scratch -drivers-wise? In that case how can I clean them out as you said?
  2. Metro 2033 is a very demanding game so it doesn't surprise me that it seems to stutter and not play as well as you want. I don't see any problems in your configuration but go ahead and reinstall windows clean and then add the latest drivers.
    If metro is the only game that runs badly just drop the settings and or lower the resolution. if it isn't you may have a problem with the cards or motherboard
  3. Are you SLI'ing with 16x and 4x ports? Well, there you go. Another reason not to buy intel boards.
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    See if you can set the PCIe slots to x8 and x8.

    You should be getting around ~40-45fps average with Crysis at around 1080p, VeryHigh graphics, and AA turned to x4.
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