Please need recommendation for gigabyte motherboard

Hello all,

I would like to get a recommendation from the pro-fellas here, regarding a gigabyte motherboard for Intel Corei5/7 cpus...

I would like this motherboard to be sutiable for gaming but not high-end gaming. Not all the crazy 3D things that you have to update your computer each week to meet the games requirements.
Please recommend me a model, and if possible a brief explanation about the difference between the chipsets.

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    Good budget LGA1155 board that will allow for a dual GPU setup either crossfire or SLI.
    If dual cards not in the picture then
  2. Thank-you Rolli59.

    These look like they are good boards.
    Can you please explain what is the chipset P67X? I thought there was only P67A.
    Also, Crossfire and SLI, what are the differences between the 2 methods? Is it only for support of ATi or Nvidia chipsets? Or do both technologies support both manufacturer's cards?

  3. It is only P67 The A and the X are Gigabytes denominators! Crossfire = AMD (ATI), SLI = Nvidia.
  4. Thanks again .
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