Installing a sata dvdrw on gigabyte k8ns

i want to buy a sata dvdrw ( plextor 890 ) but my mb is old and only have 2 sata port i use one for my hdd so can i use the other sata port for sata dvdrw ?
does my mb ( gigabyte k8ns ) suport sata dvdrw s ?
i had 2 ide dvdrw sony and piooner both after 2 year could not play dvd and its doors could not open so is a useful life of a dvdrw 2 years ?
what is your idea about plextor 890 ?
thank you
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  1. Yes, you can use the second port for a DVD-RW and your motherboard will do just fine with a SATA optical drive. Not an issue at all.

    The Plextor is nice, but you can get an equivalent (or better) Samsung or Sony for far less. I suggest this one:

    Good luck!
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