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Is it possable to team up EVGA GTX 480, with a EVGA 9800 GX2, one in PhysX ?
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  1. Having one of them (9800) as a dedicated Physx card should not be a problem.
  2. Try the 257.15 drivers, then you might be able to see which one of the 9800GX2's GPU's is being used.
  3. So, GTX 480 in the first slot, and the 9800GX2 in the secend slot ? or the other way around. 9800 GX2 in the first slot ? I'm trying to run them both , sence I've got an extra GX2 collecting dust when I replasted it with 480 GTX. The 480 works Great! and I was thinking or using the 9800 gx2 as a PhysX card.
  4. The GTX480 should go in the Primary slot and the GX2 in the secondary, So long as your PSU can run the two cards together with the rest of your kit it should be an interesting set up.
  5. NO prob, I've got a 1000w psu that should handle it. I was running two GX2's tell one of them took dump on me. Then I saw the GTX480 bench mark's, I was sold. One thing , everyone's saying that the 480 is load, mine is not that load at all. Now, if I get two of them,,,,,, Hum???????
  6. Here is my setup, XFX780i mobo,q9650CPU, 1000w PSU, 4Gb patroit 1066 mem. GTX 480 sc GPU, 1.5 Tb Hd seagate Barracuda black, Asus op drive x2,sound Blaster X-Fi , Logtech 5.1 seround sound, Coolermaster ATX case with extra fans and sound proofing,Vista Ult. 32 bit O/S By; Puget costum computers. I put the extra Goodies in my self .
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