So I own a 4890 and I have always been curious to Xfire. But I don't really game anymore, so I was cruising craigslist and I saw a 4870x2 for 85 bucks. Thats a pretty beastly price. So my question is, will the 4890 will Xfire with the 4870x2 without problems?

Oh and how many Xfire cables do I need for this? 1?
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  1. Not sure about this one, anyone could help us? i'm curious, will HD4890 + HD4870x2 run on CF setup?
  2. Well from what I gather a 4890 is basically a 4870. Im sure a 4870 can Xfire with a 4890, so in essence a 4890+4870x2 would be a triple Xfire set up on 2 cards. I don't think any will bottleneck the other because its 3 GPUs.

    For 85 dollars (listed as "NEW") that's a pretty good deal
  3. Just grab that card first, the price is just super cheap...
    We'll talk later about CF those cards... :)

    (be careful, not all craigslist are nice person...)
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    yes you can xfire a 4890 with a 4870x2, though the 4890 will downclock to 4870 clocks
  5. I think I can handle downclocking the 4890 GPU, to gain 2 more GPUs
  6. well you could always try overclocking the 4870x2 to 4890 clocks :), effectively tri-fire 4890's
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  8. Well even tho it's a fantastic price, being that I don't game for the sake of my marriage I will be passing on the 4870x2. Thanks for everyones time.
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