Bought new SSD, suspicion that it is used

Hi, yesterday I bought new SSD (Corsair Force GT 120 GB) in computer equipment store, but I hava suspicion that it is used or at least there is something done with it.

When I got home, I noticed that package was opened at least once, because tape was cut and plastic wrapper in which resided SSD was also opened (corners of plastic wrapper bent).

So then I attahced my new SSD to enclosure and attached to PC -- when I opened disk management in Windows my new SSD appears as GPT Protective Partition??? What the hell is this? Usually new disks are not partitioned at all.

Before I go back to the store, I want to be sure that there really is something wrong with my purchase.
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  1. Yeah sounds like somebody hooked it up to a MAC or a Win 7 machine and specifically selected that partition type then took it back. I haven't seen any new SSDs that came partitioned much less GPT partitioned.

    It may not really be an issue as you can just use diskpart to delete the current partition and then the Windows 7 wizard to initialize and partition it to MBR.

    With the command prompt window opened as an administrator (right click, run as admin) type:
    diskpart <enter>
    list disk <enter>
    select disk n <enter> when n is the disk number for the SSD that you see in disk mgmt
    clean <enter>
    exit <enter>

    It is now ready to initialize and format using disk management.
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