Msata iii on sataii port vs crucial m4 512gb on sata iii port

Ok i have W530 with i7-3720 16gb ram windows 7 proffessional and crucial 512gb ssd and cd r/w in ultrabay and 1920 x 1080 FHD screen.
Question I wanted to buy a crucial 256gb msata for the card slot which is a sata ii port and keep the operating system adobe cs6 and other programs on it non of which will be cad or things of that nature. what is the real life difference of having an OS on a sata iii ssd in a sata ii port vs OS on a sata iii ssd in a sata iii port.
I do understand the speeds max out on a sata ii port for read and write, however i can find no data on how much speed boot time is needed for an OS or adobe. Will they use up more than 300mbs on a sata ii port or is it just as fast.

Reason is i wanted the crucial 512gb for large proffessional journals and research things along with pictures and such. will it be slower than the sata three port truly or at they same for operating systems any data would be great. I have not bought the msata card yet and would like to find out if it is way better to just keep the os on the sata iii port
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  1. You will usually not notice a difference. Large sequential reads will be slightly slower as the sata 2 speed limit will cap the transfer rate, but it is really not noticeable other than in benchmarks to me.
  2. thanx for the reply i am still undecided whether to spend $ on a crucial msata or just put os on my crucial m4 ssd. it just seems risky for the money if it is going to make a difference on these items (dragon speaking naturally premium, adobe cs6, office 2010, and win 7 professional) I am leaning towards getting it based off of limited data and your reply, i truly wish there was some data on this topic
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