Phenom II x2 555 BE vs Athlon X4 630

Microcenter is currently having a deal where if you buy a Phenom II x2 555 or a Athlon II x4 630, you get a mobo for free, the link is here:

I was wondering if I should go with the 555 or 630. This build is going to be used primarily for playing Team Fortress 2. I've heard the 555 has a pretty decent chance at unlocking its locked cores, but is the risk still worth taking? Even if I do not unlock the cores, would it still beat the 630 because of its l3 cache in fps in Team Fortress 2? Also for owners of this motherboard, is this mobo a good overclocker?
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  1. hmmmm, decisions decisions. for one, do you plan on overclocking? secondly, it depends. the 555 is a higher clock, has L3 cache, and it CAN unlock, so by buying a mobo with good unlocking tech (asus and msi are good for that ive heard) then you have a chance of getting a cheap quad. on the other hand, you have a guaranteed quad core, no L3 cache, lower clock speed, and less overclocking/unlocking possibility. if team fortress 2 utilizes more than 2 cores, get the 630, if it utilizes 2 cores, get the 555 (however you ARE buying a dual core). All in all, id say a x3 440 is the best, 3 cores, high clock speed, cheap price, and CAN unlock into quad with L3 cache. btw, that link doesnt work.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and I fixed the link as well. It seems like the 555 might be the better option because TF2 does have some terrible multi core rendering, some users actually benefit from turning it off. It still tough to tell but if anyone else can chip in their opinion it will definitely be appreciated, I'm talking to you TF2 players out there :lol: .
  3. thats actually a really pretty bad motherboard, im pretty much doubting you will do much with that. is this for a whole new build or just a cpu and mobo?
  4. I checked the reviews on newegg and they were pretty good, and yes this is for a new build. I mean if it's really that bad then I could just sell it because I am technically getting it for free.
  5. yeah, thats a pretty good idea. and do you want a new build, as i can likely link you an entire build that would make the savings of that irrelevant. as in the combination of combo deals and such. or do you already have the parts you need?
  6. I already have all of the other parts and this is the deciding factor. I mean its such a hard decision for me, I can play it safe with the 630 or go for the risk by buying the 555 at a chance to unlock it, but I need some opinions so I can decide if a risk is worth taking.
  7. my vote is for the 555, no guts no glory, but its a very tough choice. why dont you start a poll? im torn 50:50, future proofing and a quad core no matter what, vs possibility for much better performance and overclocking.
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