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I used to build PC's 10+ yrs ago but I'm a little behind. I have chosen an AMD Phenom II X6 , Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H (on board video OK), CoolerMaster 690 II, Corsair HX750W, WD Velociraptor 300gig primary hard drive. Want a fast PC but do not need ultra fast gaming. Looking for general advice and specifically 8gig DDR3 1600 ram. Want to make sure everything is compatible. Thanks... Grizzly B.
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  1. Swap your Velociraptor for a 1TB Samsung F3, its faster than the raptor due to higher density platters.

    As for your original question, i suggest picking up the gskill Eco, you can get a single 4x2GB kit for $240 or you can grab two 2x2GB kits for $105 each

    Why are you getting 8GB of ram? For gaming purposes anything over 4GB wont show any benefit, but if you do lots of video editing or work with Adobe products the extra memory will help.

    Looking at the rest of the build, it seems funny that it doesnt atleast have a dedicated GPU, everything else is high end and you are going to be using the IGP in the board? Atleast pick up a 5750 with the money saved from not getting a raptor.
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