Which is better?(ati / nvidia)

over the years i have heard

ati produces better image than nvidia

but now nvidia is boosting its new gf100 with 32x csaa

but in metro 2033, we can see that still this verdict is true..


is anti aliasing so important that without it a nvidia card cannot produce a better image instead it is producing a blurry image........

i would like to know which one is better?
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  1. Do not base your decision on one game unless that, Metro 2033, is the you wanna play. Look at benchmarks for all games to determine which card in general is good for you.

    If you think the GTX 480's performance overshadows the HD 5850 / HD 5870 then go for it.
  2. My opinion.. Do not spend your money in Intel/Nvidia. I have spend over 15.000€ for water cooling, extreme processor over 1200€, 3 way SLI with water blocks etc. They don't deserve it. Maybe it's more powerful but It's much expensive and not so stable as amd/ati. Good luck!!!!!!!
  3. Neither is better! They both have good things going for them.
  4. yea im not a fan boy of either one so far i've always had amd/ati stuff other than my very first computer in 04 (10 years old) which had an intel graphics card and processor and that was fine but i've never had an nvidia card and at this moment i would rather chose an ati card but yes both companys are good and have good things for them
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