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I have a dell inspiron 1520. 2gb ram 320gb 7200 seagate XP home.
It had a pentium dual core 1.6/533/1 cpu
the fastest the laptop would support was 800mhz which I could not find at a reasonable price new. I bought a used core 2 duo 2.4/800/4 that the laptop recognizes with no problem, but it has one strange error. When I first boot up xp it is slow, and when I click on system it shows t7770 2.4 operating at 790hz instead of 2.93. But if I immediately enter the device manager and click on the processor it shows it is working fine and it immediately kicks in full force and the computer starts flying. When I reclick on system after this it shows operating at 2.93 like it should. I have no error messages showing. And there are no other symptoms. Any ideas?
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  1. Have you checked for a bios update?
  2. no, I have no idea how to do that. I'm sure I could find it in these forums though. Would I have to reload windows and everything else if there was an update and I installed it?
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    Heres a link to the latest bios which is A4. You would see the bios version number during the boot up at the very beginning. There are installation instructions on the page too just be sure you dont loose power while updating IE - dont do it in the middle of a thunderstorm. Good luck. Dell may not support this cpu on this board so yo may have to live with it the way it is.
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