Sapphire Vapror-X 5770's

K, I am trying to figure this out but I can't find the answer.
What is the difference Vapor-X 100283VXL and the Vapor-X 100283VX-2L????
What I really would like to know is which one of these should I get, or which one is the better one???
I usually can figure out by the sckew but I am assuming the one that ends in VXL is the better one.
But I don't know for sure so thats why I wrote this.

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    the VX-2L card is a 2.1 card, the VXL is a 2.0
    if your mobo graphic slot is a 1.0x16 get the 2.0 card, if its a 2.0 slot either will work and frankly there is no difference between the two.

    PCI-E 2.1
  2. enjoy!
  3. Ok, thanks man, I just couldn't figure it out. Well I am getting a Gigabyte UD7, so then any should work from I can tell.

    Well, the Vapor X's are the ones everyone recommends.
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  5. Well there both with-in 5 dollars of each other, so I guess it won't matter.
    Since the 2L version will probably be the one cause it seems to be in stock but I will see.
    I read on gigabyte that all the pci-2 lanes confrom to 2.0. so if they are identical then I should have any problems.
  6. Sapphire is like the only company that uses the dual connectors. I figure if the Vapor-X isn't that much more than
    the regular sapphires so I guess for the cold increase it should be worth it.

    I haven't found any other that seems to be just right, since there isn't any other contenders I will go with the Vapor-X.
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