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just got a new system MSI mil spec mb,1000 watt ps, AMD 965 black edition, 16gb ram, 40gb solid state sata hd for os 2x1tb sata for storage hot swappable hd dock, gigabyte 1gb radeon 6850 gpu. trying to move files from old hd in dock to storage drive in new pc, I think Im a touch over my head in this deal. Thanks
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  1. Windows is generally not very good at hotswapping drives, so I recommend the free program HotSwap:

    You often have to restart Windows to get it to see the new drive, although it should with a simple rescan of the drives, it often doesn't. To unmount the drive just run HotSwap and select the drive, works very well.

    To move the files, simply select them on the source drive and right click drag and drop then choose copy to the destination drive.
  2. that almost sounds to easy thank you, I'll give it a go.
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    As it happens, easy solution are often the best ones. :)

    Good luck and if you still have issues, we'll get them fixed.
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  5. thanks it worked just fine
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