Can't see HD in bios but ssd yes...

Hi guys, first time I write something on the forum, hope you can help... I've a brand new system, core i5 3570K on a GA-Z77X-UD3H, 16gig Ram Balistix, Radeon 7870 Windforce, PSU Corsair 850W, full air cooling in a Fractal Design case lol and a "%? SSD Vertex4 128g. So, I've installed windows on the SSD, installed all the updates and ALL the drivers i could find, and I want my SSD as a boot device for win/app. But I need more than a 128g like all of you but my Bios CAN'T see my Hitachi 7K3000 2TB when I connect it. I've check for the cable, changed by another but it's ok, i've check if it's the SATA Power and changed it on the PSU but nothing too. I've check in the bios for something that could be wrong but I don't see nothing... So can someone help me with this please??
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  1. Insure that it is connected to one of the Intel SATA controllers, SATA 2 or 3 does not matter.

    If it is a new drive, you need to open windows disk management and initialize/format the drive then it will be available for use.
  2. You know what, after 5h of trying hardware solution and software solution I've decided to see if that wasn't the Mobo or the intel controler... So i've taken one of my HDD from my NAS (the one I thought was K.O) and plug it on the pc.... DOUBLE MIRACLE!!! I've discovered that my HDD from the NAS isn't dead but just with broken sector AND that the HDD from the PC that I've put in the NAS is DEAD! So thank you all, I'll RMA the HDD lol
  3. Hello to one and all,

    First I would try it on another computer.
    Failing that, I would take it apart and connect the drive directly to a computer that supports the drive type. (essentially it could be a problem with the USB electronics and not the physical drive). Professional data recovery is extremely expensive and destroys the unit in the process. So thats your call depending on the importance of the data.If its under warranty, get the unit replaced or shop for something else.
    I would also recommend buying a UPS unit from APC. A "Back-ups1200" or similar.

    You should also try with the freeware version, so that you can get more info and solution for your problem.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Steven Brooks
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