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I have a Dell Dimension 3000 that is running XP. I have 2 CD/DVD drives on the computer - the one that came with it and one that I added. They have worked for years and suddenly they are not being recognized. They show up in the control panel in device manager or when I go to add hardware but it has the yellow exclamation mark next to it. When I try to repair it I get Error Code 19 (something about the registry). But they do not show up under My Computer and nothing happens when I insert a disk.

I try searching for answers but nothing has worked. Here is what I have tried. I deleted the high and low filters in the registry, I removed Itunes, I disconnect and then reconnect the actual drives, I have tried fixing through device manger and add/remove hardware. I also tried the "fix it" thing from the Microsoft support page. Nothing is working. I even tried restoring the computer to a later setting but that didn't work as well.

Any suggestions would be great appreciated!!!
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  1. I've just this minute read two posts on a different forum (both from 2011) where both users with your exact same error had Norton 360 installed. Someone suggested they uninstalled Norton 360, which they did. Result - problem solved.

    So I hope that is helpful (I'm just guessing you might have Norton software installed).
  2. I have trend Micro :( Thank you for the suggestion though. I think i'm just going to get a new computer ... this one was pretty old anyway.
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