Display disappears after being on Desktop for Short time

I've recently encountered some problems with my display (I'm guessing) using the Catalyst Control Center with my ATI Radeon HD 4850. I was going around in the settings and just tweaked a little bit the 3D display settings to a little above average by just using that little slider at the bottom. Now when I boot my computer, I get to the desktop but I think when it boots CCC, the image just disappears.

Any suggestions to fix this? Please give detailed instructions, for I am a computer hardware novice
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  1. It sounds like you want to return the video to the previous settings as you have encountered instability. You aren't able to do that when windows loads because you lose video, yes?
    I would reboot your pc, and during post you should enter the key that allows for boot options. This differs for different motherboards, but f8 is a typical option. You will know if you've done this correctly when you see a menu that shows different boot options, such "Last known good configuration" and "safe mode".

    Enter safe mode and then try to correct the settings in CCC. If you are able to move the slider back to original settings, then reboot into windows and see if it is fixed.
  2. Alright I did what you said but now when I try and boot CCC, it says that I either don't have a ATI driver installed or it isn't functioning properly. What do I do now?
  3. i think thats cos display drivers are not gettin loaded in safe mode,,
    try removin ccc from startup by editin msconfig in safe mode..
    and then restart nd see...
    if its workin fyn then ur ccc is the prob..
    then try reinstallin ccc. i dnt know much abt ccc since i am usin nvidia i think its like nvidia control panel..
  4. Yes! I can finally use the display now. Just turned off any CCC programs at startup and now it works. Thanks for the help!
  5. ur welcome :)
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