I7 930 overheating

Hey guys, about the beginning of August I built my first gaming computer. About a day ago I was looking through my BIOS and it was saying that my CPU temp is about 90 degrees Celsius. This kind of through me into a panic. I have never changed any settings in the BIOS pertaining to power. So, looking around I decided to take it out, remove the thermal paste and reapply. Which I did so the same way I did previously. When I put it all back in say and hour ago. In the BIOS the temperature rose from 90 degrees to 120 and then the computer shut down. Now ill drop what im using down below. But I only have the stock fans in my case. Could this be the deciding factor on my first overheating. Im assuming that the second overheating has something to do with how I applied the paste. Please help!!!!!!!

Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield
ASUS Black SATA 24X Burner
Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB 7200 RPM
GIGABYTE GV-R587OC-1GD Radeon HD 5870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
OCZ 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

Thanks for reading!
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  1. 1) Are you using the stock cooler or an aftermarket?
    2) Have you verified your heat sink is fully seated (not loose)?
    3) You cleaned the thermal compound off both the heat sink & CPU?

    My recommendation would be remove the heat sink again, clean off both the CPU & Heat Sink, reapply thermal compound (review this site for tips... http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=150&Itemid=62&limit=1&limitstart=5 ) and reapply the heat sink (ensure heat sink is fully seated). At this point, check your temps and report back. Also, I would consider an aftermarket cooler, if not using one now.
  2. 1. Stock
    2. Yes (Four clicks and It does wiggle when I move it with my hand)
    3. Yes, when I cleaned off first time there was some dried up paste on CPU. Dont know if that helps at all
  3. You have a good parts kit. Since you failed to mention your cpu heat sink, can we assume you are using the stock cooler. If so,

    Did you remove the plastic protector on the heat sink's base before installing it?

    The stock cooler comes with "paste" already applied. Did you remove that paste before applying your own?

    Are the four mounting pins secure behind the motherboard? Several ways of testing this, from looking at the pins and confirming the center black pin has pushed the other pieces of the pin assembly outward to grip the back of the mobo . . . to gently trying to lift each corner of the heat sink off the mobo from the front side.

    If its not the stock heat sink, please give us make/model, and try the equivalent of the above on your heat sink.
  4. A lot happened while I was typing lol . . . anyhow:

    It shouldn't wiggle at all. The pins are not installed correctly. The white parts of each pin must grab the mobo from behind to prevent wiggle.
  5. Sorry I meant does not wiggle
  6. It is either one of two things, 1) Too much / Not Enough TIM or 2) You need to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler for better cooling.
  7. Ooops lol.

    OK, assuming you took off the plastic, cleaned both surfaces so there were no particles or lumps preventing contact, and the cooler is firmly installed.

    You could try to (thoroughly clean and) reapply three "lines" of paste, each twice as long as but no thicker than an uncooked grain of rice. Center the three lines on the cpu as best you can, and re-secure the heat sink.

    Use CPUID's Hardware Monitor to report temps, and let us know.
  8. Do you have good air flow through the case.
  9. Are those temps before or after you remounted the heat sink??
  10. I only have one intake fan in the front =/ But I only have 3 wires between the fan and the CPU heatsink. I do have a rather large videocard though.

    After I remounted.

    Im heading to work so ill probably get back to this tomorrow. THanks for the assistance so far!
  11. If you can I would mount some more fans it could make a pretty big difference depending on how many and how large the fans are even an exhaust fan would help. If you can though an aftermarket cooler is almost a must with the i7's ecspecialy in a small case, but if you do get an aftermarket cooler get an exhaust fan, getting the air out is just as important if not more important than getting air in.
    The Hyper 212+ is a great budget cooler, just make sure your case is wide enough to accomodate it (the Hyper 212+ is about 5.2in tall). [:bohleyk:1]
  12. If "PC Wizard" is correct, you are killing your cpu.

    Please clear cmos, reload BIOS defaults. You say "I didn't change anything in BIOS pertaining to power", so let's get everything back to default in case you inadvertently did.

    Your CPU should have shut down. Something is wrong.

    Plese use CPUID's Hardware Monitor because we know how/if that software reads core temps correctly.
  13. ^+1
  14. Just noticed - If that report is correct, that poor cpu is drawing 392,469.90 watts.

    Interesting. Hope its just as wrong on temps, and not that the cpu/mobo is already "confused".
  15. Yeah sorry, just an update. I tried to install CPUID's I somehow got that monitor. I was sorta in a panic because this entire time ive been talking to you via my laptop. I was in a hurry because I did not want me CPU to explode. I went in and removed all thermal paste from my heatsink and CPU. tomorrow I am going to see if the local computer store can put the paste on. To see if im somehow doing it wrong. Ill update you guys soon. After im done with that ill reset the BIOS and see what happens.
  16. OK, thanks for the update, its good to be careful.

    Good luck! Hope you don't need us when you get back lol.
  17. Good luck

  18. Apparently the clear pieces that accept the heatsink pins, one of them was broken. Yeah, Thanks for all your help guys/gals! One last thing though, if you had to choose a after market heatsink for an i7, what would you get?
  19. What is your budget / willingness to spend?

    I'm a fan of the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus but the better HSF, at a higher cost, is the new Noctua NH-D14 Ultra Silent CPU Cooler
  20. The ideas given are pretty good. Here's a comparison of coolers on Socket 1156. Most are compatible with 1366, and since these are OC'd high, their performance would be representative for the heat from a lesser clocked 930:

  21. ^That is just a review on a select few, her is a comparison chart.
    I dont know why they didnt include the hyper 212+
    Here is another comparison with the Hyper 212+
  22. Thanks! I'm just not comfortable with those charts yet lol.
  23. If you are not comfortable with the charts then just check the forums the Hyper 212+ is probably the most recommended on tomshardware, simply because you cant beat the price for performance.
    The Prolimatec Megahalems Is probably the best air cooler out to date (someone correct me if Im wrong).
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