5870 causing dead pixels?

At random times while playing games, namely crysis and WoW, there are several hundred pixels on my screen that go either gray another alternate color. The problem is temporarily fixed when I restart my computer but occurs again a few hours later. I'd like to end this madness!

OS: Windows 7
Mobo: ASUS P55
Graphics Card: Radeon 5870

Here's an illustration:

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  1. Pixelation or other random artifacts can be caused by overclocking your GPU, other heat issues, or even a PSU issue. What PSU are you using with your 5870? Does it meet the GPU's requirements? Are you overclocking? If so, reset back to default speeds and see if your problem goes away. You can also try removing your case cover to allow more air into the system to help with potential heat issues as well. Good luck!
  2. Yep.

    You either have a GPU overclock or heat issue. Or both.
  3. So I went to the ATI overdrive menu and I dont know how to lower the rate at which GPU operates. The lowest the bar goes is a little over 600MHz

    Here's the menu:

  4. Seems to me, from your screen shot, that you are running at stock speeds now. If you enable ATI Overdrive, you will enable the sliders and be able to underclock the system.

    However, since you are running stock now, I would look at the PSU and other heat/airflow issues. Make sure the PSU meets the 5870's requirements. Go to http://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/ati-radeon-hd-5000/hd-5870/Pages/ati-radeon-hd-5870-system-requirements.aspx to ensure your PSU has the needed horsepower.

    If the PSU checks out, take a look at your airflow inside the case. Make sure your fans are as unobstructed as possible. Also, clean out any dust bunnies, etc while you are in there. A easy check for heat/airflow problems would be to remove the case cover and point a small fan into the case itself. Fire up your game and see if the artifacts pop up or not.

    Check these out before declaring the GPU as defective (a possibility). Let us know if any of this helps. HOOAH!!!
  5. So the PSU meets the requirements as it is a 750TX by Corsair and the GPU requires 500watts. I opened up the case and there were little to no dust bunnies seeing as how I just built the computer. I moved some of the cords out of the way of the coolermaster HAF cases' fan. But you mentioned underclocking the GPU. The slider goes to a minimum of 600MHz whereas the standard clock is 157MHz. How would I under clock it with the 5870s catalyst control center?

    Could the card be faulty?

    =O please say no.
  6. To underclock (something you should not have to do), you enable ATI Overdrive and then drag the sliders to the left).

    If power and airflow are good, I would RMA the card (if possible). You can limp by on your integrated video until the card is swapped. Good luck.
  7. If that's a new card I'd get it exchanged for sure, it shouldn't do that at stock frequencies at all. I have a 5850, stock is 700 on core and I can run it up to 875 before any artifacting.
    For the Horde!

    Haha jk I quit WoW a little over a year ago =P
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