DOW 2 insane heat up!!!

Hi all i just got a GTX 285 and it heats up so fast on the DOW 2 menus but not on the actual game, VERY weird!!

It caps at 77 ingame even in 3v3 huge battles, but ont he menu it will go to 88 when im doing NOTHING!

I know this maybe the games fault but anyone else have this problem on any games with the gtx 285?

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  1. Bump

    Mine is way above 80C and 40C by 8C in most cases!

    I use a Coolermaster cosmos S case to im sure the cooling is fine, the rest of my PC is very cool, whys the card getting so hot when its not even performing?
  2. Anyone know?
  3. Actually the way menus work in many games, it taxes the GPU 100%... it's pretty stupid but in some games I've played with FRAPS active it shows menu frame rates of anywhere from 300 to 3000fps. So basically they just don't put a cap on the menu frame rates and even tho nothing's happening the GPU is going hard pumping out a ton of static frames.

    As for higher temps, 2 things you can do are: 1st remove the heat sink cowl and clean it out of all dust. 2nd is to take the heatsink right off and reapply the thermal paste.
  4. The card is brand new like 3 weeks old lol and theres no dust on it, i mean are my temps that bad? my bros gtx 260 runs alot hotter then my gtx 285 :\

    Im sure my 9800gx2 didnt do that on dow 2 menu, shame that the fan spins so fast on the menu then cools down ingame :\
  5. Hmm well the temps aren't too bad. GPUs vary in their acceptable limits but it seems a bit high to me. I don't think it'll kill them tho.
  6. Yeh well 77 seems cap ingames but in them weird menus it goes way above :\
    47 idle is ok i guess ive read alot of ppl have 47 idle so i think im happy for now :)
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