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Hello, I'm in the process of building my first desktop and I have a question for all of you.

I'm on a budget right now but In the future when I can afford it I would like to get a really nice headset (possibly a pioneer hdj-2000 dj headset or something similar) I'm a novice audiophile without much money.

Now my question concerns integrated audio versus a sound card. The motherboard I'm probably going to be using is an ASUS M4A79XTD EVO (newegg #: N82E16813131402) Is the integrated audio in there going to be a high enough quality or will I be missing out on a lot of sound quality that I could get with a soundcard?
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  1. A good quality soundcard will sound better than onboard but can never perform better than the speakers they're playing thru. IE theres no point spending 200 on a soundcard and using 20 speakers.
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    For audio quality it's probably better to shoot for integrated, but then paired with a decent set of headphones (sorry no recommendation for your side of the world)
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