Trying to get onboard video to work after removing 5770s

I have a biostar 790gx a3+

and a 23 inch monitor with dvi and vga connectors

I know I wasn't thinking when I sold my two 5770s earlier today I just took them out without turning back on onboard video

I never really used the onboard before, so anyways what I did to try and fix it I just took out the battery off the motherboard for a few mins then put it back in.

still see nothing when i start up the cpu just a black screen it doesnt say "no signal" but its just black I don't see anything..
i'm using the dvi connector to plug directly into my onboard just incase anyone asks.

please help i just want something to tide me over while I put my money into my accnt tomorrow and order my 5870 :) lol

i had onboard video disabled in bios and I had dual gfx cards enabled with 75 per pci e enabled btw
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  1. which is done by just taking out the battery right?
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    Resetting the bios should be enough.
  3. probably didnt leave it out long enough im gonna try again
  4. ok well waited a good 5-7 mins and put it back in still getting nothing.. when i took the dvi out and put it back in it gave me no signal, i guess im gonna have to play with jumpers? do all boards have jumpers to reset the bios?
  5. Some newer ones have a button.
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