Digital audio (HDMI) not in playback devices (sound panel)

When I check my audio devices I only find 3 options, Speakers, Headphones and Digital<later known as Realtek> audio (S/PDIF) while the HDMI option is not there.

This HDMI is supposed to be an output in my GT 240 card.

In the device manager and under the sound devices there are 4 NVIDIA high definition audio and 1 Realtek high definition audio.

This Realtek appeared after I installed the motherboard sound driver after I had started to notice that I don't have the HDMI option, after installing the Realtek, the audio devices became two, just like those I mentioned above but now the headphones disappeared, to make that work, I configured Realtek HD audio manager.

I installed it because I was trying anything that could make the HDMI option appear.

If I uninstalled the NVIDIA audio driver, the device manager removes the word NVIDIA and shows that the manufacturer is Microsoft (after uninstalling, windows automatically connects to the internet and updates the driver).

When the NVIDIA driver is NOT installed, I can see the HDMI options in the sound panel, but the strange thing is that I can also see 4 while I only have 1 port in my card.

So my question is, why when the NVIDIA drivers are installed, the sound option doesn't appear? also if I uninstalled the drivers and set one of the HDMI device which is going to work with microsoft driver, will it send sound to my HDTV which I am planning to buy? (video thing discussed in another topic)

Also in the device manager, under system devices, it says that there is 2 High definition audio controller, doesn't say Nvidia or Realtek even if the drivers are installed!

The HDMI option is not seen even if Show disabled/disconnected devices is checked.

I have read that this is a common problem with windows 7 but I couldn't find an answer which would help me so I am seeking this answer here :D

Also isn't it strange that there are 4 devices in the device manager/sound panel when NVIDIA drivers not installed?
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  1. Your nvidia card don't have a sound chip. The SPDIF connector on your sound card/motherboard must be connected to the SPDIF of your GTX 240. On Control Panel "SOUND OPTION" you select SPDIF as default playback. With that the sound should go through the HDMI port to your TV. That is what is called as "PASS THROUGH"

    Below is an example for audio connection on EVGA GTX 240
  2. Example cont:

    On the evga site

    Select the subject "Where do i plug in the spdif from my evga grpahics card to my evga motherboard"

    This example applies to your situation. Go to the vendor site of your video card and motherboard and look for similar topic.
  3. my card is GT 240 and not GTX 240, do you still believe that my card doesn't have a sound chip?
  4. Yes because the only nvidia GPU with built in sound chip is the Fermi family.

    Your GT 240 don't have a sound chip.
  5. I disagree with you, GT 210, 220 and 240 have a built in sound chip.
  6. I have 3 generations of Nvidia card from 8800GT to GTX 280OC. None of it have built in sound chip. To get audio through HDMI nvidia use PASS THROUGH approach.

    Nvidia Series 200 Audio Connection:
    SPDIF(Sound Card/Motherboard)->SPDIF(GPU Card)-> DVI/HDMIPort->HDMI Cable-> HDMI(HDTV).

    The Sound Option from Control Panel is set to SPDIF.

    Thats how i get audio on my GTX 280OC.

    Unless you have Fermi-Family GPU from NVIDIA... HDMI Sound option will not be available on the SOUND option at the control panel.

    I also have CF 4890 which has a built in realtek Audio on the GPU card. ATI-HDMI option is available on the control panel.

    Good Luck
  7. GT 240 has internal audio device with it....
  8. yes thats my card! although the I can't find the option of HDMI when nVidia drivers are installed.

    if I uninstalled nVidia drivers, the windows automatically connects to the internet and updates the driver to a Microsoft one, with the Microsoft driver I can see the HDMI options in the audio panel but with nVidia drivers I can't.

    That's exactly my question, will it work with the Microsoft driver? or I have to try it myself :D
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